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Trinity was organized on January 11, 1875 and purchased the Congregational Church building at 123 South Campbell that was constructed in 1859. Trinity used that building as a place of worship until 1929 when the present structure was built.


Construction of Trinity Lutheran Church in 1929 – Ground was broken on August 11, 1929 with Frank Moon the general contractor. Albert Maguire and Sons of Macomb did the concrete and brick work. The building was dedicated on December 15, 1929.


During 1972-73 an addition to the north side of the 1929 structure provided more office, classroom, and kitchen space; as well as an overflow room for worship services.


In January of 1981 a property at 310 East Washington was purchase. It was used as temporary housing, LSSI, and Catholic Charities offices over the next 27 years. It was demolished in September of 2008 for conversion to parking space after a new addition was completed in 2009.


In October of 1984 a house just to the south of the church sanctuary was purchased to use as a parsonage. In September of 2008 it was razed to provide room for an addition to the original 1929 portion of the building.

Groundbreaking for the addition of a fellowship area, entrance, offices, storage, utility space, etc. was held on October 19, 2008 This addition was completed during the summer of 2009 and a formal dedication was held on Sunday, September 27th, 2009.


The following were charter members of Trinity on  January 11, 1875:

Charles Kline, C.H. Rahe, Matilda Rahe, Charles Filbert, Charles Rost, Christina Senn, Elizabeth Senn, H.W. Ferster, Lydia Filbert, Carrie Clark, Helen A. Swana, A.P. Swana, Andrew Haynes, D.M. Crabb, Helen Crabb, Heinrich Hadem, Mrs. H Hadem, David McNelly, Cal McNelly, Daniel R. Ferster, Lydia Ferster, Albert Hosler and Susan Hosler.

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