---- PHOTO TOUR of COMPLETED ADDITION - 6/20/2009 ----

Front of Sanctuary looking toward back. Elevator on far left, then stairway doors.

View toward Southeast showing parking lot entrance and storage room.

View toward Southwest showing kitchenette.


View to the Northwest showing Campbell Street entrance, restrooms, and stairway to Sanctuary.


View to North showing (L to R): Restrooms, Sanctuary stairway, stairway to old basement, and elevator.

View to the Northeast. Door to the right of elevator contains elevator controls and janitor's closet.

       View to the East showing Administrative offices.       

Secretary's office ( View 1 of 2).

Secretary's office (View 2 of 2).

Work area between Secretary's office and Pastor's office.

Pastor's office (View 1 of 2).

Pastor's office (View 2 of 2).

View of old basement showing (L to R): Elevator (behind red panel), stairway up to Narthex, stairway down to new basement.


New basement - room 1.

New basement - equipment room.

New basement - storage room.

New basement - view looking up to old basement.


05/10/2009 - Interior nearing completion!

04/18/2009 - Parking lot completed

04/10/2009 - Interior drywall in progress

04/10/2009 - Ron works on some wiring.

04/09/2009 - Doors and windows installed. Parking lot nearly done.

04/05/2009 - Palm Sunday Procession from new Narthex

04/04/2009 - Weekly clean-up of construction area

03/31/2009 - Shingles on old and new roof nearly finished

03/31/2009 - Parking lot paving begins

03/25/2009 - Interior stairway from Narthex to Sanctuary

   03/17/2009 - Laying brick trim

03/10/2009 - Outside wrapped and interior work started

03/06/2009 - Roof sheathing installed

02/27/2008 - Installing roof trusses

02/10/2009 - Flooring for offices is poured

02/09/2009 - Backfilling foundation and starting brick removal (shirtsleeve weather!)

02/06/2009 - Spring-like weather...Narthex floor is poured.

01/28/2009 - After many weather and supplier delays...Precast flooring installed!

01/07/2009 - Scaffolding in place

12/10/2008 - Waterproofing and backfilling foundation

11/24/2008 - Filling foundation forms

11/18/2008 - Basement/foundation preparation

11/14/2008 - Excavation of basement/foundation

11/12/2008 - Work continues on the elevator shaft    

11/5/2008 - Preparing the elevator pit                              

10/29/2008 - Geothermal Well Drilling

10/18/2008 - Groundbreaking Service





The Parsonage and Parish House were demolished in September to make way for the new addition:

Two views prior to demolition -- Parsonage (top) and Parish House (bottom)


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